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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can we find b-good products?
You can find b-good products at the pharmacies.
Can we buy your products through your website?
We do not sell products through our website.
What side is the front surface of the mask?
The direction the mask pleats face down is the front surface.
Do your masks have meltblown filters?
All our masks have meltblown filters.
How many hours should a mask be used?
Masks should be replaced every 4 hours. Moisturised masks must be replaced before 4 hours since they lose their protective specifications.
Can I reuse the mask after washing/airing it out?
All surgical and FFP2 masks are disposable. It is not medically correct to reuse the mask after washing or airing it out.
What is the difference between an FFP2 mask and a surgical mask?
Surgical masks are used in cases requiring hygiene to prevent diseases that can be transmitted through aerosol and liquid droplets. Surgical masks are appropriate for use in all pandemic and epidemic periods. FFP2 masks, on the other hand, are one of the most effective breathing masks that protect against much smaller particles and are made of special fabric layers to filter the air from harmful particles. FFP2 masks provide more protection than standard surgical masks. Surgical masks have 3 layers and have a meltblown filter in the middle layer. FFP2 masks, on the other hand, have 5 layers and have double meltblown filters.
Are the dye printed masks harmful to children?
Dyes used in printed masks are appropriate for food contact. Therefore, they are not harmful to health.
Is the alcohol content in hand and skin disinfectant sufficient to protect against viruses and bacteria?
Hand and skin disinfectant is a biocidal licensed product. In order to obtain the relevant license, it is necessary to successfully pass the tests identified by the Ministry of Health. B-good Hand and Skin Disinfectant has been tested for viruses and bacteria, and it has been found to be effective against the tested viruses and bacteria. Along with the pandemic period, the corona virus was added to the virus tests.
How should the Waterproof Band Aid be used?
In order to apply the band aid on the wound, the silicone paper of the band must be separated from the pad part. After the pad is applied on the wounded area, the sticking process is performed by paying attention that the red part of the band stays on top. The red part at the top is pulled back and the sticking process is completed. With its special polyurethane material, Waterproof Band Aid protects the wound 100% against water and bacteria. It allows the skin to breathe with its extra flexible and micro-ventilated structure.